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Symptoms are a gift that enables us to identify there is something not quite right, they are real and should not be left unattended.


Food is medicine. Everyone has different requirements and responses to food. First, we need identify what food allergies and/or sensitivities an individual may have and then focus on the food that benefits them--providing the body with an abundance of energy to function at our best.


Our body is made to move. It is an incredible form that is you. A complex human body machine that fulfils the functions necessary for everyday living and that is capable of so much when we put in time and effort. We want to take care to gradually build a strong, healthy system, from the inside out.


The mind is extremely powerful, and the healthier we are, the better we feel.

By further improving our mindset and becoming more self-aware we can create significant change that benefits our mood, focus and outlook on life—being able to achieve our daily goals and the demands that life can throw at us.


Sleep is our superpower. Good sleep = good outcomes. The amount of good quality sleep we get, allows the mind and body to recharge. Ensuring we are giving ourselves the opportunity for a restful sleep will truly benefit anyone to achieve more in their day at a higher level of functioning.  


When we take the time to focus on ourselves and feel better about who we are--with improved confidence and self-esteem, we are able to build long lasting and meaningful relationships that last a lifetime. Having strong, healthy relationships help to improve our overall well-being and helps to create a positive impact on those around us.


Your guide to a
healthy self & body

Jayden Pileggi Functional Medicine is about identifying your needs as an individual in order to create a treatment plan to improve and optimise your health.

Whether or not you have a number of mild to chronic health conditions and are seeking answers; or, you are wanting to improve your health, fitness & lifestyle goals in any way - our purpose is to be there to guide and motivate you throughout your health journey.

    I firmly believe that health is our most valuable asset. Most do not understand the importance of our health until that is taken away from us. Preventative healthcare aims to prevent illness and assist in the early detection of specific diseases whilst encouraging the promotion and maintenance of good health. Whether you have been experiencing ongoing symptoms that continue to bother you, are after long lasting health results, chasing optimal performance and health or you just want guidance regarding your health this is your opportunity. Reach out to me and book a 30 minute free Consultation where I am more than happy enough to go over your case and offer assistance to help you overcome your current circumstances. READ MORE ABOUT PREVENTATIVE HEALTH >
    Functional medicine is not about treating symptoms. We want to identify why those symptoms are present in the first place. With the laboratory assessments we have available to us we are capable of looking deep into the persons system and identify what may be troubling an individual The answer is often never just one thing but with a combination of lifestyle factors that relate to you and your circumstances we can address a number of issues that are creating or leading to a disease state. An example of this is someone presents to my service with symptoms of hopelessness and helplessness, difficulty sleeping, limited interest in doing things they use to enjoy, and a loss of appetite. Often they have been to a GP who has diagnosed them with depression and likely given a script for an anti-depressant. What I am saying is your depression is not caused by a deficiency in the make up of that anti-depressant. READ MORE ABOUT ROOT CAUSE TREATMENTS >
    Often people present with a number of conditions. Simply put we treat anything including chronic fatigue, autoimmune conditions, digestive disorders, adrenal, thyroid or hormonal disorders the list is endless. Symptoms are somewhat a gift that enables us to identify that there is something not quite right. These symptoms are real and not in your head. Like a car making a concerning noise it should not be left unattended. We need to address why this is happening before they progress. We have some of the most extensive testing available to identify why symptoms are presenting and by going through a personalised approach we often see many of these symptoms resolved. READ MORE ABOUT TREATED CONDITIONS >
    Jayden Pileggi Function Medicine offers patients’ a science-based, holistic, and individualised treatment plan for a client’s specific needs and their genetic make-up. I seek to answer the question why are you ill? We are looking for not what is wrong with a person but why this person has an issue in the first place. ​ This is done through conducting comprehensive tests and identifying any emerging or existing dysfunction within the patient’s pathology. The goal is to address the root cause of the problem rather than just suppress symptoms. READ MORE ABOUT MYSELF AND OUR REPORTS >
    Guides and advice to help you restore your health and optimise the way that your body functions so that you can live a happier and healthier life for years to come. We empower patients to take charge of their health and wellness by working on lifestyle behaviours like exercise, eating habits, sleep, and stress management, which will ultimately help you achieve your health goals. When you can understand the underlying causes of disease, verses just diagnosing the disease itself you can then have expanded options on how you can treat that disease. READ MORE ABOUT OUR LIFESTYLE GUIDES >

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A holistic and individual patient centred approach addressing the underlying cause of illnesses with the aim of longer-lasting benefits.

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Jayden Pileggi

Jayden Pileggi is a health enthusiast with many years of experience within the health, lifestyle, and medical field. Completing a Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science degree, he worked in several roles with the goal of enhancing peoples’ physical performance. Jayden later completed a Master of Occupational Therapy degree after which he worked 10 years in the Mental Health sector for Western Australia’s largest hospital organisation.

For Jayden, he has always been driven with the intent to treat his patients through a more science-based holistic approach, combining both mental and physical health with the main objective of optimising overall wellness.

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