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In Renee’s case, we had a few discussions over her eating habits, stress management and relationships among other things. Through these discussions, we found that she was counting her calories--reducing them far too low--and snacking throughout the day to maintain her energy levels. This was leading to dysbiosis--likely impacting her thyroid and hormone functioning, as she was absorbing low amount of nutrients and minerals from her food intake. Without realising, this lifestyle had been gradually creating large a degree of stress on the body which was a huge factor that played into her inability to effectively lose weight.

Renee commented; ‘After years of paying Personal Trainers and attempting so many different diets I came across the concept of Functional Medicine. I found that being able to interact with Jayden online really stood out to me. I feel like I am so busy all the time, and I really need something which is easily accessible and that wouldn’t be a burden on my time. Jayden’s approach is so helpful—he really gives you the time and holds you accountable. I was able to treat some underlying issues that were stopping me from losing weight and after addressing these, the stubborn weight came off. It was more than weight loss though—my whole lifestyle has changed. I feel so much happier and relaxed in life, and I feel like I am doing less work to get better results.’

The above complaints are one of the most common issues that are addressed in my clinic. Unfortunately, the approach where large bouts of exercise and yo-yo dieting in most cases, do not work if we do not have an internal field that enables our body to grow and repair. Continually cutting calories and over exercising lead to so many longer-term issues that if not treated, worsen over time. The goal for my clients that come to me with these complaints is to create an environment that facilitates weight loss and muscle gain, reduce inflammation in the body through various methods, placing clients on a personalised nutrition plan that meets their needs and not a generic ‘one fits all’ type plan, and assisting with stress management to facilitate an environment that repairs adrenals, thyroid and hormone issues that are often a cause for not achieving the results that people desire.

Unfortunately, there are still so many fitness entrepreneurs who still go about achieving the ‘dream body’ the wrong way—leaving the body more inflamed and drained of energy. Often short term the results can be rewarding but the longevity of this lifestyle is likely unsustainable and can lead to other health complications.

Jayden has a long working history within the health and fitness industry, where Jayden is continuously assisting many people achieving their body goals. This continues to be a key interest of his. Jayden’s integrative functional medicine approach looks to heal the body first which then enables improved workouts, improved recovery, and overall improved outcomes which are sustainable.

"I feel so much happier and relaxed in life, and I feel like I am doing less work to get better results."

Enjoying a Better Diet


Enjoying a Better Diet

Renee is a 45-year-old female reached out to Jayden after years of working so hard to lose weight. Renee felt whatever she did, the results she was after never came to fruition. Renee was working out 5-6 times a week and felt like she was eating a healthy diet but no matter how hard she tried nothing seemed to work.

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