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Jane reports that she was seen for these symptoms by her primary physician 5-6 months prior, and at that time, had been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, IBS and PCOS which she was treated with Metformin and a low dose antidepressant. 
During the 5-6 months from then, Jane found that her symptoms had not improved and that she was gradually gaining more weight, which decreased her self-esteem. After feeling exasperated, Jane reached out to Jayden Pileggi Functional Medicine to discuss her symptoms and to see where we could be of assistance to her health.

Jane was due to travel overseas in 9 months’ time with friends and desperately wanted to see and feel improvements before her time away, and to feel comfortable on the trip. Her mid to longer term treatment goals were weight loss, normalising her menstrual cycle, improving the functioning of her digestive system and reducing/managing anxiety.

As part of Jane’s 6-month treatment plan, we focused a lot on gut health, motioning blood glucose markers and created a low intensity exercise plan. After 2 months Jane noticed significant changes in her health, with improved energy levels, weight loss and her feelings of anxiety completely gone. Jane identified an ability to tolerate more foods without feeling bloated and her diarrhoea/constipation symptoms were resolving. Following the 6 months, we saw all her markers linked to diabetes return within a normal range and her menstrual cycle was becoming more regular.

From a practitioner perspective, we began to see lab markers improve over time and by the end of the 6-month journey Jane lost ~18kg, diabetes markers were within normal ranges and her GI symptoms were resolved. Energy, anxiety, and acne had improved. Jane began committed workout schedules and her menstrual cycles were more regular, with minimal cramping. 

Jane commented: ‘Jayden made me feel like I was being listened to after being made to feel by other professionals that “it was all in my head”. Jayden made me feel comfortable about talking about all my symptoms. He didn’t treat a single symptom rather the system as a whole and I noticed significant changes within the first couple of months. The energy I now experience and all the foods I can now tolerate was totally worth it. I feel so proud of what I have achieved, and I can’t thank Jayden enough.’

PCOS is an extremely common, complex endocrine/metabolic condition in women, the underpinnings of which are still being elucidated. Insulin resistance is often a fundamental driver of PCOS. Comorbidities include obesity, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, infertility, hyperlipidaemia, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune thyroid disease, and an increased risk of breast, ovarian and endometrial cancers. There is clearly a genetic component to PCOS. With that said—lifestyle factors play a very strong role in the development.

"The energy I now experience and all the foods I can now tolerate was totally worth it. I feel so proud of what I have achieved, and I can’t thank Jayden enough."

Active Life without Pain


Active Life without Pain

Jane is a 30-year-old woman who booked herself in for an initial consultation to discuss her health concerns—symptoms included irregular and painful periods; acne; weight gain, mainly in the abdominal region; and not responding well to exercise; diarrhoea alternating with constipation, and significant bloating after meals. She also complained of marked anxiety.

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