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With Owen we did some laboratory testing which identified several nutritional deficiencies as well as some abnormalities in the gut. The treatment plan for Owen involved a complete lifestyle change for the entire family—removing refined sugars and takeaway foods and adding in a few supplements to counter Owen’s nutrient deficiencies—deficiencies that are commonly seen in children experiencing ADHD. However, the key focus was on the food the family was eating in general. 
Over time we saw some significant changes in Owen’s behaviour with Jean reporting that Owen was able to play and focus for longer periods of time and that he was now sleeping for longer periods throughout the night.

We worked alongside Owen’s treating paediatrician to reduce medication over time with Owen safely coming off all medication. In these cases, it is about working with the entire family to alter their lifestyle to make real improvements. It is a great deal of work and involves the whole family being on board to help a loved one. We find the earlier we can treat the underlying root causes of the diagnosis the quicker and better the outcome.

Jean commented: ‘I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of Owen’s treatment plan. It is a complete change from where he was when we first came to Jayden. I was not happy with the idea of my son being on medications long term and I wanted to find another approach to treatment. I found Jayden online and thought this would be a great way of treatment because it meant my husband could be involved in the meetings as well. Jayden was extremely flexible with his time, was easy to connect with and was able to answer any questions or concerns I had. Owen continues to do well, and an added bonus for us was while making changes that we needed to implement for Owen, my husband and I feel healthier and more energised for it too!’

The number and frequency of parents with young children reaching out to discuss issues their children are experiencing is increasing. Common issues relating to ADHD symptoms and anxiety are just some of the more common concerns. Sleep is often a problem for children experiencing these symptoms, and less sleep often correlates with symptoms of ADHD. There are certain gut bacteria that produce chemicals which affect neurotransmitters in the brain, so it is important to look at the gut and the diet in general, particularly removing some certain foods which are inundated with refined sugars. Once we are able to fix some of the fundamental issues, we start to see that children with ADHD symptoms and other symptoms alike, have fantastic improvements in behaviour and lifestyle habits—especially sleep.

"I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of Owen’s treatment plan. It is a complete change from where he was when we first came to Jayden".

A Brand New Me!


A Brand New Me!

Jean is a mother who reached out to Jayden Pileggi Functional medicine to assist with her son, Owen—a 6-year-old boy. Owen had been diagnosed by their family physician with ADHD and placed on numerous medications to assist with the symptoms he was experiencing. Jean was wanting to get a second opinion as she questioned placing her son on medication at such a young age.

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