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Although these were Kim’s prominent symptoms following our first discussion, we identified a long history of neurological symptoms including headaches; sleep problems; dizziness; joint and muscle pain, and some digestive symptoms including diarrhoea and stomach pain. Kim also identified the need to lose weight a condition she has battled since her 20s. Kim signed up for a 12-month program with Jayden Pileggi Functional Medicine.

Kim reported that she was tired of over attending so many medical appointments for treatment and prescriptions, so she placed her faith in Jayden’s more holistic approach treating the body as a whole, rather than treating the symptoms. She also preferred the idea of the online approach where she was not required to drive to and from appointments.

We started with a few laboratory reports which identified that Kim had multiple mycotoxins and mould related issues impacting her immune system. Her immune system was quite compromised after being under attack for so long. After seeing these test results, we discussed the possibility of mould growth within the house. Kim said she lived in an older house, with poor ventilation throughout the wet areas—so we had a mould inspection conducted. The reports showed there was mould in the property, significant dampness and multiple small leaks which assisted the mould growth throughout the wet areas. Kim had the leaks fixed and property professionally cleaned for mould, after which, we were able to do a lot of work removing the mycotoxins from her system. After a short period of time Kim identified her symptoms of fatigue, shortness of breath and headache had begun to diminish. We then began working on her digestive system where we saw an improvement of her GI symptoms and an improvement in her joint and muscle pain. We continue to work together now as Kim has other health goals; she is wanting to improve on including further weight loss among other things—which she has already reached some impressive results so far. In our fortnightly catch ups, she has been reporting fantastic energy levels and concentration throughout the day and sleeps all the way through the night. Kim has been a standout client and I look forward to seeing further improvements in her health journey.

Kim commented: ’I cannot believe where I am currently at in my health journey. What started as just wanting to get my health back following COVID-19, resulted in me feeling the best I have felt since I was a teenager. I feel like I am in my 20’s again! I am so grateful to Jayden and proud of myself with what we have been able to achieve so far, and I can't speak highly enough of his work. My entire family have now signed up with him, and I have already signed on for another 12 months to continue the journey.’

Mycotoxins are naturally occurring toxins produced by certain moulds that can be found in food, most commonly in cereals, nuts, spices, certain fruits, and coffee beans. Mycotoxins cause illness and can lead to chronic disease including cancer, hepatic diseases, immune and neurological disorders. Treatment to remove the mycotoxins can be quite complicated and a discussion with a functional medicine practitioner should be considered when treating these from the system. In my practice I now observe over 90% of people with mycotoxins in their system. If you see mould in your home or work environment, please do not ignore it, we must remove it prior to any treatment initiation.

"I cannot believe where I am currently at in my health journey. What started as just wanting to get my health back following COVID-19, resulted in me feeling the best I have felt since I was a teenager."

Feeling Good, Inside & Out


Feeling Good, Inside & Out

Kim is a 45-year-old female reaching out to assist with her health due to long lasting symptoms following contracting COVID-19. Kim reported ongoing feelings of fatigue, respiratory symptoms including difficulty breathing and shortness of breath, a cough that wouldn’t go away and some joint/muscle pains.

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