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David reports he has been using antihistamines, steroid inhalers, and nasal sprays for years and although they help with symptoms, he is tired of feeling this way every year without fail and wanting to get to the root cause of why this occurs in hopes to alleviate and if possible, eliminate his allergies for good.

To kickstart David’s treatment, we needed to see what was going on beneath the surface. We ordered a few lab tests, which identified some possible triggers. We started David on a new nutrition plan—removing several triggering foods, as well as enhancing his home and office environment to support his recovery. We added a few supplements, to increase nutrient levels that David was low on, and worked on restoring his gut health microbiome. We saw a significant improvement in his digestion which simultaneously improved his allergy symptoms. Further addressing stress management was a key intervention to ensure long lasting outcomes.

David commented ‘after more than 20 years of experiencing allergy symptoms, I can’t believe I was able to resolve my symptoms completely during this period of time. I no longer need to rely on over-the-counter medications to get me through the day and through my work meetings. Before speaking with Jayden, I was a little hesitant to commit as I didn't think I would be able to fit the time into my schedule; however, Jayden was very accommodating, and being able to do all our meetings online was a huge benefit. I know the time I spent working with Jayden has and will save me significant time in the long run. My health previously left me feeling substandard with my day-to-today life, and I now achieve more in my days. On top of this—I found I had additional benefits including more energy and my mind is more focussed throughout the day. Anyone who has any sort of allergy symptoms, I strongly recommend going through Jayden.’.

While most of us are cracking our windows open and emerging from the winter into the welcoming sun, our spring allergy patients step outside or open their doors and windows, only to be bombarded immediately with an onslaught of symptoms including itchy, watery eyes; runny nose and sneezes; coughs; wheezing and so much more.

From a practitioner perspective, repeat use of steroids and antibiotics lead to disruption of the precious and delicate microbial ecosystem and damage the protective barriers over and over leading to ongoing symptoms year on year. This is not the approach that I recommend and although it does treat the symptoms it does not get to the root cause of why it is happening in the first place. If you experience these symptoms get in contact with Jayden Pileggi Functional Medicine and work on removing these symptoms altogether.

"I now achieve more in my days. On top of this I found I had additional benefits including more energy and my mind is more focussed throughout the day".

Love for New Found Energy


Love for New Found Energy

David is a 40-year-old male who got in contact with Jayden Pileggi Functional medicine for the assistance of treating his chronic allergies. David explained that he was seeking relief from a lifetime of atopic disease including hay fever, asthma, and chronic allergic sinusitis— and frequently experiences diarrhoea, knee pain and inflammation as indicated from the blood test we completed.

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