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When Michael presented himself, he expressed how he was saddened by the condition he currently was in, and he was eager to return to the levels of his previous health prior to the treatment—and that of a 30-year-old.

For Michael, we started with removal of some of the toxins that had remained in the system following Michael’s treatment. Utilising a careful approach, we were able to remove the toxins that had built up throughout the body which were likely impacting Michael’s energy levels and contributing to his brain fog. We also began treating his digestive tract through an elimination diet—a short term intervention that would assist with the healing of the gut—so that we could begin to utilise some strategies with effect. Once Michael was able to rectify his digestive complaints and absorb the nutrients from his food, some significant improvements were noticed inside and out. We closely managed Michael’s return to fitness with a carefully curated program that enabled movement without over stressing the system. After a year of work, Michael’s health had returned to where it was prior to his battle with the cancer treatment. The progress of Michael’s perseverance and determination throughout the process was extremely gratifying.

Michael commented: ‘I worked with Jayden because he had a similar lifestyle to me prior to my diagnosis. I’m someone who works hard and likes to achieve good health results—Jayden understood where I wanted to get to. The results were so much faster than I thought. I came to him with so many problems after my treatment and I can honestly say I feel in better health now than prior to my diagnosis and cancer treatment. We did a lot of work that I would have never known about, and I learnt so much. The entire process is so interesting and is something that will stay with me for years.’

Chemotherapy is an extremely difficult treatment protocol that creates significant problems that can be long lasting if not treated properly. The toxins literally kill everything, and the recovery phase can vary with every individual. It is important we return the digestive tract back to a healthy and diverse functioning system, so we can absorb nutrients from our food. The toxicity build up is also of major interest with patients going through this treatment, having a build-up of nasty toxins that remain in the body and if not treated properly continue to cause ongoing issues years down the track, in turn, being more susceptible to other illnesses & diseases.

"I came to Jayden with so many problems after my treatment and I can honestly say I feel in better health now than prior to my diagnosis and cancer treatment".

A Journey that has brought us Closer


A Journey that has brought us Closer

Michael is a 30-year-old with a long history of health concerns. He recently reached out to Jayden Pileggi Functional Medicine following a diagnosis of cancer where he was required to have surgery and chemotherapy. Michael reported that after the cancer treatment was complete, he felt he had lost so much, including his self-confidence, ability to focus and energy; with concerns and complaints being his inability to digest any food, brain fog and extreme fatigue.

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